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Dizziness and Fall Prevention

Dizziness-and-Fall“The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates
that 30-40% of all falls can be prevented.”

Are You Dizzy, Unsteady or Afraid of Falling?
Everyone has experienced a momentary feeling of faintness or lightheadedness. When that sensation recurs often or is accompanied by the sensation of violent spinning, it can make your life miserable. Your symptoms may include:

• Unsteadiness when walking
• Facial weakness or numbness
• Ringing in your ears
• Loss of coordination
• Hearing loss

Constant dizziness can make it difficult to concentrate or remember things. Reading or writing for business or pleasure may become difficulty. Joining in activities outside of your home may be hampered by unsteadiness. You may even be concerned that your faltering footsteps may be misinterpreted as the result of intoxication.

Dizziness can also take away your confidence within your own home, making you afraid to move without the assistance of friends or family. The loss of independence can be frustrating and make you irritable.

Renew and Reinforce Your Independence
A fall prevention program can help fortify your independence. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates that 30 40% of all falls can be prevented. Our fall prevention program involves an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to help you prevent falls. The team specializes in the complexities of the balance system. They know what to test and how to assist you with a program that will lessen or eliminate your symptoms.Under the direction of a physician, we will perform tests on the four areas that affect your sense of balance:

• Vision
• Nervous System
• Muscles and Joints (Musculo-skeletal)
• Inner Ear (Vestibular)

Some of the tests assess multiple areas. For example, information about the interrelationship of your visual, inner ear, and muscle and joint functions may be obtained using CDP (Computer Dynamic Posturgraphy).Other tests assess individual parts of the balance system. We may use VENG (Video Electronystagmography) to record and analyze eye movements to help us evaluate inner ear function or a hearing test to check for hearing loss.

We also evaluate your flexibility, strength and functional abilities to give us information about your muscles and joints.Your primary care physician may be notified of Test results to ensure continuity of care during and after completion of our program.

Our Goal is to help you be as safe and independent as possible!

Our fall prevention treatment and rehabilitation programs take into account your medical condition, lifestyle and individual needs. Prescribed therapy often includes exercise or physical therapy to improve your balance and decrease your chances of falling. Your environment and activities may also be evaluated. We will show you how to reduce the risk of falling while in your home or performing daily tasks.

Our prevention program can provide you with the most comprehensive services possible. If you feel that you would benefit from your primary care physician’s office and request a referral to us.
Or, call us direct. A referral from your primary physician is preferred, but not required to participate in our program. Please ask if you would like us to assist you in the referral process.


“We’re professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and care of balance disorders. We work together to help you prevent falls”.